The Team members

Sarah Sylvia Kremer

Sarah Kremer 

Chair of the association 

Sarah Kremer is Trainer of trainer (TOT) and Trainer of Multiplier (TOM) for the European Youth in Action program. She was at the initiative and the chair of the association ''Jeunesse et Non'violence'' in France during 10 years. This organization is member of the UN project ''International Coalition for the Decade''.   

Sarah Kremer graduated in Israel as a teacher of folk dance (Rikudei Am) and graduated in France as Naturopath at the IFSH Institute.

Sarah Kremer has experience leading projects and organization of Seminars in France and in European countries with partners from Europe and Middle East countries for intercultural exchanges and peace education. She is an expert in Intercultural learning, European Citizenship, Peace education and Conflict resolution. She participated in December 2005, to the Training course  « Let’s meet the tree cultures » in Jerusalem organized by the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport and to many others intercultural seminars in Paris, Bosnia, Turkey, Austria, Dublin, Italy, Switzerland, Romania and more, She organized also an Israeli Folk Dance Festival in South of France with renowned Israeli choreographers in 2014. 

Sarah Kremer did her Aliyah in 2014 and lives now in Tel Aviv. She works as teacher of Israeli folk dance and Naturopath.


Sarah Kremer is at the initiative of ICH ISRAEL and is the chair of the association. 

Monique Chemoul

Monique Chemoul

Secretary of the association


Monique Chemoul studied psychology at the University Paris-Descartes, which is part of the "Sorbonne-Paris-Cité" universities. She is graduated DESS in psychology.

Monique Chemoul has 15 years of experience as a psychologist, in the medical field with young disabled children and also as a psychologist in a Jewish institution gathering children from nursery school.


Monique Chemoul was director for years of the Gan Yaël Jewish kindergarten at Merkaz Ohr Joseph primary school in Paris. She worked in the field of school counseling, welcoming children and young people in difficulty from kindergarten to adolescence. Monique Chemoul also worked for 4 years for the Paris Chamber of Commerce in the field of academic orientation of students.


Monique Chemoul now lives in Israel for a few years and has been a volunteer for the Tel Aviv AMI Association for three years.


Monique Chemoul joined the association ICH-ISRAEL as a founding member of the association, volunteer, member of the board, secretary and responsible for the reception and orientation of students.


Julie Belhassen

Member of the Board  -  Literary sector

Julie Belhassen is graduated in philosophy at Paris Sorbonne University and has 10 years of experience as a college teacher and then 28 years as a Master trainer (CAFIMF - Certificate of Qualification for Teacher and Master Instructor) In the Paris region.

Julie Belhassen regularly gave pedagogical conferences for teachers in liaison with the official institutions of national education, especially on the methods of valorization of pupils' skills.

Julie Belhassen was part of the teaching council of Meaux and worked with the departmental inspector, while giving courses of philosophy to the IUFM of Melun.

During her holidays, for 30 years, Julie Belhassen volunteered with the Louis Colombant association, which offers a holiday formula adapted to children who live in community all year long or who live in a family structure. complicated.

Julie Belhassen now lives in Israel for 10 years and joined the ICH-ISRAEL association as volunteer, member of the board, and responsible for the literary sector.

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Daniel Florentin

 Languages Sector

Daniel Florentin has a degree in Electronics Engineering from Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva. Daniel Florentin worked for 42 years as an engineer in ELTA wich is a subsidary of Israel Aircraft Industry (IAI).

Daniel Florentin speaks Hebrew as mother tongue, fluent English, very good French and also Spanish. 

Daniel Florentin was born in Tel Aviv and still lives in Tel aviv, He joined the ICH-ISRAEL association as volunteer and head of Languages sector.

Laurence Gauthier

Laurence Gautier

Member of the Board - Crafts sector

Laurence Gauthier did her aliyah in 2015 and lives now in Tel Aviv. From a hotelier restorer family, until then she lived in France, in Nice where she had a gallery of antiquity and decoration, specialized in the furniture of the 50's. Antiquing and participate in many salons was her passion for many years.

Laurence Gauthier is specialized in international sourcing (research and contact at the source in relation with the craftsmen and creators of the world).

Laurence Gauthier joined the association ICH-ISRAEL as a founding member of the association, volunteer, member of the board and head of the crafts sector.

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Francine Taieb

Member of the Board - Knowledge of Nature sector

Francine Taieb has a degree in English language at the University of Paris Sorbonne and is also a graduate in management computer technology at the University of Paris Descartes.

Francine Taieb has 10 years of experience as a company translator. She also worked 4 years as an analyst programmer in computing at Phillips in Paris. In addition, Francine Taieb has 30 years of experience in the administration and accounting of a private family company. 

At personal level, Francine Taieb has always been interested about everything that concerns the environment and nature conservation. 

Francine Taieb did her Aliyah in 2017 and joined the ICH-ISRAEL association as a founding member of the association, volunteer, member of the board of directors and head of the Knowledge of Nature sector.