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''Drawing up inventories is one of the specific obligations outlined in the Intangible Cultural Heritage UNESCO Convention and in the Operational Directives for its implementation. Inventories are integral to the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage because they can raise awareness about intangible cultural heritage and its importance for individual and collective identities. The process of inventorying intangible cultural heritage and making those inventories accessible to the public can also encourage creativity and self-respect in the communities and individuals where expressions and practices of intangible cultural heritage originate. Inventories can also provide a basis for formulating concrete plans to safeguard the intangible cultural heritage concerned... Inventory development and updating is an ongoing process.''

To preserve the intangible cultural heritage of Israel, we must engage in actions of:

  • Research and documentation - Research on Existing Elements of Israel's Intangible Cultural Heritage in Israel, in Community Life, in Jewish Communities Worldwide, in the Archives of Jewish History, in the Archives of Israel's History, in the Bible and other historical documents on the Jewish people, working to develop an active international network for research on the intangible cultural heritage of Israel. 
    Researchers and community representatives can facilitate interactions between community members and researchers. Inventories should be as comprehensive and complete as possible. 

  • Identify - Identification is a process of describing one or more specific elements of intangible cultural heritage in their own context and distinguishing them from others. Intangible heritage elements should be well defined in the inventories to facilitate the implementation of safeguarding measures. Those elements which are recognized by the communities as particularly important for their identity or as being particularly representative of their intangible cultural heritage might be inventoried first.  The viability of inventoried elements should be indicated and threats to their survival outlined.

  • List - Once the elements of intangible cultural heritage have already been identified, the communities concerned and the Israeli institutions may decide to start implementing projects to safeguard these elements. ICH-ISRAEL make a list of all the elements identified and a specific list of the elements who need urgent 

  • Classify The inventory include a system of classifying the intangible cultural heritage by cathegories. 

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