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The courses of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Center of Israel are aimed at: the safeguard, transmission and continuity of Israel's cultural heritage. Classes consist of 3 modules and one exam. Between the modules, there are studies and evaluations online. The training modules take the form of three seminars which take place during the school holidays. Students have the opportunity to finish their studies in 1, 2 or 3 years, depending on their schedule. 

Courses do not require a prior degree. There is a basic test to be done before registration and there is a personalized follow-up during the training for each student. Training booklets and online courses will be available in French, English and Hebrew depending on the students' native language.

After graduation, students will be supported in their job search or in the creation of their enterprise, including through the development network of the association and its partners and will benefit from individual monitoring until getting a job.

The courses may be subsidized by the Israeli Ministry of Immigration (Misrad Haklita), which subsidizes 75% of the training costs of new Olims, until 7,000 euros per person. Or by other institutions that subsidize courses.

The training is vocational and practical, focusing on preparing the student for work in Israel. Career guidance and professional development sessions are given throughout the course.


The training of teachers of traditional music aims to develop:

• The student's musical abilities through theoretical and practical courses in Jewish and Israeli traditional music.
• Pedagogical expertise on methodologies, psychology and the transmission of music education.
• The acquisition of skills that allow students to develop their creativity, nurture their love of music and take an active part in musical activities.
• Conducting practical work, students deliver courses under the supervision and support of ICH-ISRAEL Center partner members.

The program provides the basic tools that give students the necessary skills as musicians and teachers (reading scores, musical composition, conducting, courses adapted to various audiences, pedagogy, didactics, psychology of music education , practical work...)

The course also includes music theory and performing arts practice. ICH-ISRAEL gives specific music lessons to students in folk dance classes.

This training allows students to become creative composers in the field of traditional artistic music, while encouraging them to develop their creativity and showcase their cultural roots in their community, but also at national and international level.

Students have the opportunity to perform and record their works at concerts organized by ICH-ISRAEL and its partners. The training includes composition of original works, music production and research in the field of Israeli cultural heritage.

ICH-ISRAEL hosts traditional Israeli musicians for conferences and composition and leadership workshops. ICH-ISRAEL also organizes master classes, internships and develops cooperation projects with traditional Israeli music groups.

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