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The courses of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Center of Israel are aimed at: the safeguard, transmission and continuity of Israel's cultural heritage. Classes consist of 3 modules and one exam. Between the modules, there are studies and evaluations online. 

Courses do not require a prior degree. There is a basic test to be done before registration and there is a personalized follow-up during the training for each student. Training booklets and online courses will be available in French, English, Spanish and Hebrew depending on the students' native language.

After graduation, students will be supported in their job search or in the creation of their enterprise, including through the development network of the association and its partners and will benefit from individual monitoring until getting a job.

The courses may be subsidized by the Israeli Ministry of Immigration (Misrad Haklita), which subsidizes 80% of the training costs of new Olims, until 7,000 euros per person. Or by other institutions that subsidize courses.

Planned courses:
•    Folk Dance Teacher & Choreographer
•    Folk Music Teacher
•    Folk Theater Producer

It is also planned throughout the year conferences, workshops, courses, excursions, organized trips abroad on a particular theme that concerns the cultural heritage of Israel. mini.png

2023 - 2024

Folk Dance Teacher

and Choreographer

The certificate course is provided by renowned choreographers and tea-chers from Israel who bring their talents and exceptional expertise. This course is a transformative experience with an advanced set of teaching tools that equip, engage, and inspire learners to excellence.


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S. K. 

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2023 - 2024

Folk Music Teacher

The certificate course is offered to teach traditional music both vocal and instrumental. Teachers are given knowledge regarding lesson planning, classroom, management, methodo-logies of teaching and how to implement traditional music class.  Read More >>


A. F.


2023 - 2024

Folk Theater Producer

The certificate course include master-classes in producing with key leaders and innovators and take an active role in the organisation of events, produ-ctions and projects, underpinned by creative producing skills, relevant theory and current research in the performance field.



G. L.

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