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Job assistance and own company creation

ICH-ISRAEL offers students individualized employment assistance.

ICH-ISRAEL promotes sustainable and quality jobs, and facilitates access to such jobs through its growing network of many partners: companies, associations, public institutions and social partners around the performing arts, folklore, gastronomy, festivals, ecology, crafts and tourism. The student's participation in cultural activities organized by ICH-ISRAEL helps to integrate learners into a community that corresponds to them.

ICH-ISRAEL provides students with an individual coaching service for research and job assistance, through the development of a personalized diagnosis, then through the implementation of an orientation towards the employment and / or by directing the student towards individual means of company creation, contacts with potential employers, internship opportunities in companies.

Artistic development in the field of culture is a means of helping people to develop their creative potential and to provide them with the means to obtain recognition of professional skills. The artistic cultural expression helps to emerge skills, to nurture self-esteem, to build benchmarks. Artistic representations are a means of acting to raise public awareness by giving priority to mutual aid and solidarity.

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