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Intangible Cultural Heritage Center of Israel support courses  aimed at the safeguard, transmission and continuity of Israel's cultural heritage. This year, we are pleased to inform you about  high-level international training courses to become an israeli folk dance teacher. The course will be provided by prestigious Israeli choreographers renowned both in Israel and internationally. 

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Israeli Folk Dance Teacher
Course online

Course online + camp in Jerusalem , Israel  August 2024

Starting 25 December 2023 

Cost : 3950 shekels + 195 shekels.  

Languages : Hebrew , English, French, Spanish.

The course is supported and certified by the International Dance Council. The certificate is valid in Israel and internationally. It is important to emphasize that you will receive personalized support throughout the course.

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Israeli Folk Dance Teacher
Course in Jerusalem

On Fridays from 8 AM. to 2 PM in the Academy Levinsky - Wingate in Jerusalem 

Starting 22 December 2023

Cost : 3950 shekels + 195 shekels registration fee.

The new immigrants and returning Israeli citizens can apply on the Misrad Haklita website for a course grant (80 % of the cost of the course).

Payments split until 10 installments without charge. 

Course in Hebrew and English with support for translation. 

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