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The courses of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Center of Israel are aimed at: the safeguard, transmission and continuity of Israel's cultural heritage. Classes consist of 3 modules and one exam. Between the modules, there are studies and evaluations online.

Courses do not require a prior degree. There is a basic test to be done before registration and there is a personalized follow-up during the training for each student. Training booklets and online courses will be available in French, English and Hebrew depending on the students' native language.

After graduation, students will be supported in their job search or in the creation of their enterprise, including through the development network of the association and its partners and will benefit from individual monitoring until getting a job.


The Theater Producer's Course concerns Israeli theater, its diverse cultural backgrounds, its history, its evolution and its function of transmitting the Israeli cultural heritage nationally and internationally.

This course is both professional and practical and focuses on employment and company creation in Israel. Professional orientation and professional development sessions are given throughout the training.

Description of the program.

The program prepares students for the role of professional producer for the production of varied and creative shows and provides them with a thorough knowledge of the work and functions of professional producer.

The program includes the production of theatrical works, the acquisition of practical skills, the management of the staging, the planning, the technical management (sound, lights, video ...), the scenic arts, the costumes, team work, budget management, production financing, public management, relations with municipalities and legal bodies, networking, advertising...

Professional internships are planned within a theater company and an event production company.

The training includes in-depth technical learning, organizational, management and teamwork skills that form the basis of successful work in theatrical production, knowledge and practice of the roles of:


  • Stage management

  • Stage electrics and lighting design

  • Sound design and production sound engineering

  • Scenic art

  • Scenic construction

  • Property making and procurement

  • Costume

  • Set design

  • Stagecraft

  • Alternative theatre production

  • Technical management

  • Video projection and the manipulation of digital imagery

  • Production management

  • script supervisor

  • first assistant director

  • location manager

  • safety in the workplace

  • Technical drawing

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