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 Safeguarding means:

  • Safeguard the intangible cultural heritage of Israel through research, identification, protection, valorisation, transmission, formal and non-formal education, activities, festivals, courses, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and more

  • Encourage policies to promote Israel's intangible cultural heritage in Israel and around the world

  • Encourage scientific, technical and artistic studies of the intangible cultural heritage of Israel

  • Encourage the transmission of the intangible cultural heritage of Israel through forums and appropriate spaces

  • Work for the recognition, respect and enhancement of intangible cultural heritage in society through: education, awareness and information programs for the general public and young people through school and out-of-school activities

  • Promote education for the protection of natural spaces and places of memory whose existence is necessary for the expression of the intangible cultural heritage.

  • Participation of communities, groups and individuals to maintain and transmit the heritage, and to involve them actively in its management.

  • Carry out the inventory of the intangible cultural heritage of Israel

  • Support for programmes, projects and activities aimed at the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage 

Elements for recognition 

  • Studies and information regarding the element to be safeguarded

  • Evaluation of the participation of communities, groups and individuals in the safeguard of the element 

  • Planning and implementation of safeguarding measures

  • Evaluation of the transmission of the element to be safeguarded from generation to generation

  • The role of children and youth in the element to be preserved, as learners.

  • Sustainable development Integrate sustainable development considerations into the element to be preserved: inclusive social development (food, health, water, education, gender); environmental sustainability (nature, environment); inclusive economic development (employment, work, tourism); and peace and security (peacebuilding, combating racism and oppression, dialogue, respect of cultural diversity). 

All Israeli citizens can participate in the research and the supply of the database. Just fill in the form and send it via the application for the recognition of intangible cultural heritage elements of Israel by providing the corresponding information.



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