Socials Practices

Social practices, religious traditions and festivals are activities that are part of the life of Israeli citizens. They are important for the preservation of the identity of Israel and communities. Social practices, religious traditions and holidays are part of the national calendar and community calendars. They are related to the life of Israeli citizens, connected to the various communities, their history and their memory.

Intangible cultural heritage

Rituals and festive events take place at special times and places and remind a community of aspects of their worldview and history. Social practices shape everyday life and are familiar to all members of the community, even if not everyone is involved. The diversity of social practices, due to the diverse origins of Israeli citizens, are particularly enriching for the country's life and the lives of communities and help strengthen the sense of identity and continuity with the past.

Intangible cultural heritage

Social practices, religious traditions and festive events take various forms: prayer, brit milah, bar mitzvah, marriage, Shabbat traditions, culinary traditions, religious festivals, Independence Day and many more. They also include a wide variety of expressions and physical elements: gestures and special words, recitations, singing or dancing, special clothing, special foods.

Intangible cultural heritage

Social practices, rituals and festive events are strongly affected by changes in communities in modern society because they depend so much on the broad participation of practitioners and other members of the communities themselves. And in today's modern world based on productivity, traditions are in danger of disappearing and being relayed to the museum function. It is important to understand that the immaterial cultural heritage of Israel is a living heritage, that it must remain so for future generations and that it must be safeguarded in everyday social practices.

Intangible cultural heritage

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